The ttra Annual International Conference is the premier event in which the global community of practitioners and educators engaged in research, information management, and marketing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries comes together to network and share best practices. Members in ttra represent a variety of segments from the greater international travel and tourism community, including educators, practitioners, research providers/consultants and users of research.
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Wednesday, June 21


ttra Talk: The Value of Print – Insights, Analysis, and Research on the Role and Relevance of Print Publications and Advertising in 2017 and Beyond | Discussion TTRA: La valeur de l'imprimé – Perspectives, analyse et recherche sur le rôle et la pertinence

In this impactful, information-packed session, Chris Adams brings clarity to the debate on the role and relevance of print. Chris summarizes the latest trends and insights on the use of print in travel from leading research organizations plus analysis from a wide range of DMOs on their investment in print visitor guides – past, current, and future. With critical insights and takeaways, Chris helps answer the question: what is the relevance, impact, and future of Print Visitor Guides in the tourism industry of 2017 & beyond?

avatar for Chris Adams

Chris Adams

Head of Research & Insights, GM South Pacific, Miles
Chris Adams has worldwide experience in tourism, new technology, and new media. He is the Head of Research and Insights at Miles, a marketing agency focused 100% on travel and tourism, with over 90 city, state, and national tourism clients in North America, Asia, and the South Pacific... Read More →

Wednesday June 21, 2017 11:30 - 11:45
Thursday, June 22


ttra Talk: Airbnb & Hotel Performance: An Analysis of Proprietary Data in 13 Global Markets | Discussions TTRA: Airbnb et la performance hôtelière: analyse des données de propriétaires dans 13 marchés globaux

Recently STR conducted an analysis of 13 global markets with unprecedented access to Airbnb data from December 2013 through July 2016. By comparing this data to traditional hotel data, we were able to draw comparisons and look for potential impact. Attend to hear key takeaways from this "first of its kind" study. 

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Duane Vinson

Vice President at STR, Assistant Director - STR SHARE Center
Duane Vinson is a Vice President at STR and the Assistant Director of the STR SHARE Center, a program that, in cooperation with the American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute and ICHRIE, works with hospitality and tourism schools around the world to provide thorough... Read More →

Thursday June 22, 2017 09:30 - 09:45


ttra Talk: Sho't Left Campaign | Discussion TTRA: La campagne Sho't Left

Sho't Left, is one of the marketing campaign strategy of South Africa’s domestic tourism initiative. "Sho’t Left” is derived from everyday South African “taxi lingo”. A commuter wanting a ride to a destination close by will say “Sho’t left, driva” – meaning, I want to jump off just around the corner. Now In its fifth phase, the Sho't Left campaign is aimed at the youth market, married couples and independent workers and stretches to target visitors from neighboring countries Botswana and Mozambique to explore South Africa' adventure, entertainment, and nightlife.

With this, the paper examines the integration of social media marketing communications and brand strategy from the perspective of the destination marketing organization. The format and objectives of the Sho't Left campaign, as well as the factors that affect the effectiveness of tourism marketing communications, were also examined.

Qualitative case study methodology generated an understanding of the approach to DMOs’ marketing. Data was collected through purposive qualitative method and interview with DMO managers allows exploration of how online marketing strategies with the practice of social media used in destination branding processes and content analysis to analyze audience engagement to social media platforms.

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Adetola Elizabeth Oyewo

Consultant and Research Assistant, Brainstorm Trade and Travel Consult
Adetola Elizabeth Oyewo is a Consultant and Research Assistant for Brainstorm Trade and Travel Consult in South Africa. Her role involves enhancement of the tourist experience and data collection and analysis on tourism in South Africa. Adetola is involved in marketing South Africa... Read More →

Thursday June 22, 2017 13:15 - 13:30